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Florida Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Attorney

At the law firm of Joseph P D’Ambrosio, PA, we have 10 years experience in prosecuting and defending workers compensation liens, including handling Equitable Distribution Hearings pursuant to the Manfredo formula mandated by the Florida Supreme Court. We handle all levels of workers compensation subrogation cases including at the trial level and on appeal. Please contact us for a list of representative clients.

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We are well-respected in Delray Beach and throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Martin and Miami-Dade counties, and we are familiar with arbitrators and opposing counsel in the area. If you are defending against an employee’s workers compensation claim, reach out to us today. Call the Law Office of Joseph P. D’Ambrosio, P.A. at 561-989-8878 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.